Currently s/c Origo has a safe number of visitors.

Working hour changes

ShopsWorking DaysSaturdaysSundaysChange of working hours
T/c Origo10:00-21:0010:00-21:0010:00-20:00
Origo Info Center9:00-21:0010:00-19:0010:00-19:00
Baltcom10:00-21:0010:00-20:0010:00-19:0007.04.2023 10:00-19:00
10.04.2023 10:00-19:00
CoverMe (B Tunnel)10:00-20:0010:00-20:0010:00-20:00till 31.03.2023
CoverMe (Station 2nd floor)10:00-20:0010:00-20:0010:00-20:00till 31.03.2023

If you need to clarify the opening hours of a particular shop, please, contact Origo information desk.