Origo Multifunctional Centre will use AI to reduce energy consumption.

This summer, R8 Digital Operator, an artificial intelligence (AI) program, was launched in Origo Shopping Centre and Origo One Business Centre to help use energy more sustainably. The solution automatically regulates the indoor microclimate systems to seamlessly and independently maintain comfortable environmental conditions, as well as reduce energy consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions.

R8 Digital Operator solution monitors and automatically adjusts heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems every 15 minutes, which would be impossible by hand. Automation provides long-term savings in electricity consumption, thus directly reducing the CO2 emissions created in the energy generation process. So far, this type of system has been used in 19 countries around the world, saving a total of more than 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In the Baltics, this solution has already proven its ability to deliver significant energy savings.

Evija Majevska, Commercial Director of Linstow Baltic and Origo Multifunctional Centre: “Sustainable and efficient use of energy is our priority, and we have been increasingly focusing on it in recent years. The industry is currently facing challenges and, like other market players, we are focusing on cost optimisation at a time of rising energy prices. One solution is to use the capabilities of the artificial intelligence program R8 Digital Operator to help us achieve our efficiency targets. In addition, we are also thinking about other ways to reduce energy consumption.”

Options for reducing energy consumption and management costs are currently being explored for electricity and heating, as well as for maintenance and services. Initially, the energy consumption of lighting and ventilation will be reduced in the evening hours after 22:00, when only the Rimi Hypermarket grocery store will be open in the Origo Multifunctional Centre. Also, one of the cooling units will be replaced in the autumn with a more energy-efficient one. The possibilities of shortening the opening hours of the shopping centre and installing solar panels and collectors on the roof are being explored.

The AI solution is a continuation of the Origo Multifunctional Centre’s goals to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and promote a responsible attitude towards the environment. Previously, the Origo new extension project had a strong focus on applying sustainability standards, as well as environmental accessibility and creating a comfortable environment for employees and visitors. This has resulted in a safe, environmentally friendly environment suitable for everyone, and has led to the first centre of its kind in the Baltics to achieve a BREEAM rating of “Excellent”, the world’s leading building sustainability assessment method.

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