S/c Origo participates in charity initiative “Bring joy” during Christmas time

Dear visitors,

S/c Origo in cooperation with the news portal TVNET and the Latvian Children’s Fund fulfilled the Christmas wishes of Ukrainian refugee children as part of the “Bring joy” charity campaign on December 20th. Events in the world this year prompted the editors of the news portal to ask children who have taken refuge from the horrors of war and misery in Latvia to write letters, inviting readers and partners to arrange Christmas greetings for 47 Ukrainian children aged 7 months to 17 years.

S/c Origo took part in the charity campaign with great pleasure, providing sweets and game packs from the range of s/c Origo tenants, and gifting them at the festive event at the VEF Kultūras pils. More about the event: https://ej.uz/tvnetziemassvetki

Wishing all a peaceful ending of the year, S/c Origo

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