Youth Day Festival to be held on 1 June in the square in front of Origo Shopping Centre

On 1 June, the International Children’s Day, a Youth Day Festival will take place in the square in front of Origo Shopping Centre. The aim of the Youth Day is to encourage young people to get familiar with various creative activities and useful programmes to promote physical and mental health, to spend their free time in a meaningful way, including thinking about their safety during the summer period.

The Youth Day Festival will be attended by the association Resiliences centrs (Resilience Centre), the association Laiks jauniešiem (Time for Youth), Latvia’s largest association network of youth organizations “Latvijas Jaunatnes padome”, the Culture Quarter Lastādija and the Brazilian movement art club Capoeira Latvija.

On 1 June from 12:00 until 15:00, everyone will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the various organisations, see what they offer and participate in various creative workshops, as well as to learn about the Brazilian movement art of Capoeira with elements of dance and acrobatics.

The event will provide information on the programmes and activities of the organisations represented, as well as opportunities for young people to spend their free time in meaningful and valuable ways. Everyone is invited to take part in various development activities and to receive information on promotion of mental and physical health, including non-formal education opportunities in Latvia and abroad.

In addition, the event will include various creative workshops to participate and learn new things, such as how to create your own special design using lithographic printing techniques and make different stickers, how to travel and discover the world through national flags and symbols, how to spend time creatively outdoors – what to discover and what to take note of, as well as participate in Capoeira master classes and learn the Brazilian movement art techniques with acrobatic elements.

Association Resiliences centrs (Resilience Centre)

The association is focused on developing new initiatives, programmes and projects based on a resilience approach. The association runs various educational seminars and provides consultations, offers camps for children and young people and develops projects and youth initiatives, such as the youth communication programme DARI, the project Noticēt iespējai (Believe in Opportunity) addressing young people with social limitations, and provides social mentoring services for young people with behavioural and communication difficulties. More information:

Association Laiks jauniešiem (Time for Youth)

Promoting non-formal education for young people – training, courses, seminars, charity, volunteering and other activities to fully support children and young people from different social groups, i.e. integrating them into society and increasing their civic and social participation. The aim of the association is to find an individual approach for each child and young person in order to make a significant contribution to their personal development. More information

Latvia’s largest association network of youth organizations “Latvijas Jaunatnes padome”

“Latvijas Jaunatnes padode” unites almost 50 Latvian youth support organizations, which contribute to the creation of a comfortable and civically responsible environment for young people. The organization offers educational and informative services to youth NGOs, municipalities, schools, and those involved in the youth field, providing various types of training and consulting, as well as mentoring in various issues.  At the same time, various programs and projects for children and young people are implemented.  More information:

Culture Quarter Lastādija

Lastādija Quarter is one of Riga’s largest self-organised and self-directed areas for culture, art and social activities, a cultural quarter launched by the FreeRiga association. The Culture Quarter embodies DIY or do-it-yourself culture, and serves as a platform for the expression of self-created urban and local ideas and the development of youth subcultures in Riga. It is home to around 100 artists in residence, artists’ associations, musicians, social activists, craftspeople and cultural organisers. More information:

Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts Club The club provides training for children and young people in the Brazilian movement art of Capoeira in several locations in Riga and other parts of Latvia. Capoeira develops both balance and strength, incorporating elements of dance and acrobatics. The club offers opportunities to join regular training and classes, and it also organises various camps for leisure activities. More information:

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