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Time is a treasure, use every minute to a max at the new branch of “Veselības centrs 4” at “Origo” shopping center -“Medicīnas centrs t/c “Origo””

The motto of ”Veselības centrs 4” – true care about your health!

Medical institutions are adapting to the fast pace of modern life. That is why “Medicīnas centrs t/c “Origo”” will provide services that are needed quite often on a daily basis. At the new health point customers will be able to receive various types of lab tests and get vaccinated (vaccines against most common diseases and travel vaccines), as well as receive services of a podiatrist, beautician, masseur and other specialists.

The opening of a new branch of “Veselības centrs 4” at the “Origo” shopping center was chosen purposefully – it is the heart of Riga. It is the place where Riga Central Railway Station is located with Riga Central Market and the Riga International Bus Station right next to it. A place where people from different cities and countries meet.

“Medicīnas centrs t/c “Origo”” will provide the following medical services:
• vaccination;
• laboratory examinations;
• foot care;
• laser epilation;
• dermatologist consultation;
• body massage.

About the company
”Veselības centrs 4” is one of the largest private multi-profile health care service providers – leader of innovations and implementation of the latest technologies in Latvia. For 28 years “Veselības centrs 4” provides outstanding care for the patients within 23 company branches and jointed enterprises. The main healthcare domains provided by “Veselības centrs 4” are various diagnostics, full scope patient treatment, up-to-date physical rehabilitation, preventative and aesthetical medicine of a new concept.

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“Veselības centrs 4” Medicīnas centrs t/c “Origo”
Riga, Stacijas Square 4, 3rd floor

Phone “Veselības centrs 4”: +37167847720; 29339347
Phone laboratory “E. Gulbja laboratorija”: +37167801112


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