Adding to the list of tenants and offering visitors even wider options, on September 7th, the “Lindo group” dry cleaner’s was opened at s/c “Origo”, which offers laundry, clothes, textiles and carpet cleaning to visitors of the shopping center.

In the fast pace of city life, the dry cleaner’s offers optimal order fulfillment times – 8 to 48 hours, depending on the type of clothing or textile product. The technological equipment of “Lindo group” dry cleaners is equal to the leaders of the industry in Europe, and the services provided by the company are available to both individuals and companies. Together, more than 190 employees work in the companies of the group, who wash almost 20 tons of laundry and clean 4,500 pieces of clothing every day.

In the “Lindo group” dry cleaner’s in the shopping center “Origo” there is an opening discount until September 20th: -20% for cleaning clothes and textiles.

Let’s meet in s/c Origo!

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