“Origo” shopping center hosts the very first “Good Deeds Day” in Latvia

On September 5th, honoring the international Day of Charity, “Linstow Baltic” in collaboration with “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia” (RMHC Latvia) hosted an event “Good Deeds Day”. The event was aimed to promote the understanding and encouragement of doing good deeds – taking care of oneself, loved ones and fellow humans. In celebration of the International Day of Charity, everyone was invited to reconsider their daily habits so that together, we can all live in a more inclusive, healthier and sustainable society.

During the event, people had the opportunity to learn about the operation of the “Mobile Health Care Center” for children done by “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia”. In addition, families with children were able to participate in various creative workshops promoting a healthy lifestyle, focusing on proper nutrition, healthy sleep and physical activities.

“Linstow Baltic” and the shopping center “Origo” are committed to fostering an inclusive society and promoting public health. This is achieved through various socially significant and educational activities, which are part of the company’s sustainability strategy. Therefore, there is genuine satisfaction with the collaboration between “Origo” shopping center and “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia”, as it provides an opportunity for visitors and tenants of the shopping center to participate in socially significant activities and become part of the charity movement,” says Evija Majevska, Commercial Director of “Linstow Baltic” and the multifunctional center “Origo”.

Already for 13 years, the charity organization “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia,” in collaboration with specialists from the Children’s Clinical University Hospital and other medical institutions, has been embarking on daily regional trips across Latvia with the “Mobile Health Care Center” for children and providing timely and high-quality free medical consultations closer to their homes. Over the years, medical specialists for children have provided a total of 55,960 consultations throughout Latvia. In many places in Latvia, the “Mobile Health Care Center” for children is the only practical solution to ensure timely medical consultations for children and young people. The opportunity to visit a specialist in a timely manner is critically important for children’s health, as it allows to diagnose various health issues and ensures appropriate treatment.

“For a very large portion of children and young people up to the age of 18 who live in rural regions, there is no access to qualified medical specialists. This means that in order to receive consultations of medical specialists, families have to travel many kilometers to Riga and for some families, this is not feasible. The “Mobile Health Care Center” for children is helping the state and addresses this issue by bringing doctors closer to these families with children. A crucial factor in keeping children healthy and reducing the need for a doctor visit is a healthy lifestyle, which begins within the family,” says Guna Caune, executive director of “Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia.” Anyone can support these visits in the regions by donating both financial resources and goods or services to the operation of the “Mobile Health Care Center” for children. Donations can be made on the website www.rmhc-latvia.lv or by contacting “RMHC Latvia” for other donation methods.

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