Shopping center “ORIGO”, together with its partners, begins collecting donations for the vulnerable

In cooperation with six organizations and associations – “Latvian Fund for Nature”, the “Children’s University Hospital Foundation”, center “Marta”, association “Apeirons”, the charity organization “” – officially opened their charity wall  for fundraising. The joint project aims to invite the public to donate funds regularly both for human and animal causes when they need it the most, as well as strengthen to helo animals who need help the most and aid in expanding Latvia’s natural resources diversity.

Baiba Broka-Malinovska, Marketing Manager of the shopping center “Origo” and business center “Origo One” says: “The objectives of our joint charity project are based on the UN recommendations for sustainable development goals, which aim to build a better, more inclusive society in the long run, as well as nature conservation. We are happy to work with our partners on this initiative, and we are confident that together we will be able to help someone in a difficult time and inspire others to do good.”

At the charity wall of the shopping center “Origo”, everyone will have the chance to choose one of six different projects to support:

  • funding for then for the maintenance of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital Foundation’s Parents’ Home, which allows the parents of the hospital’s young patients to be present with their children daily;
  • support for the Latvian Fund for Nature project for the preservation of natural meadows, which is one of the most significant and most protected values of our nature;
  • support for the center “Marta”, which supports those who have suffered physical or emotional abuse;
  • assistance for the treatment and upkeep of service dogs “Teodors” who are invaluable assistants in the daily life of people with disabilities;
  • support for the “Apeirons” initiative, which aims to help families with severely disabled children;
  • support for the organization “” initiative, which provides assistance to oncology patients in situations where no state financial support is provided.

Baiba Baikovska, board member of the Service Dog association “Teodors”: “The donated funds will be used for the upkeep and treatment of the “Teodors” service dogs so that they can keep serving people with disabilities every day by helping them to lead more fulfilling lives, aiding in orienting people with visual impairments in the space, picking things up, switching on lights, helping to undress and other things essential for people with disabilities. I believe that along with the visitors to the shopping center “Origo”, we will be able to help both animals and thus people for whom the presence of service dogs is an integral part of life.”

Ģirts Strazdiņš, Director of the Latvian Fund for Nature: “Currently we live in a world where many things are taken for granted – including the diversity of nature. However, we also have the opportunity to help preserve and restore it – the restoration of the natural meadows we invite to donate is one of how anyone can contribute to protecting natural values. We are happy to cooperate with the shopping center “Origo” because we see that green thinking is reflected in the works – the green roofs of the shopping center are one of the ways to increase nature in the city. ” You can help one of the organizations or associations by donating funds in person at a unique donation stand. It will be located at the shopping center “Origo” daily and will be available to every visitor during the opening hours of the shopping center.

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