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Origo Charity Wall

Donate to the charity initiatives of Origo partners.

Daily expenses of Parents’ House Children’s Hospital

The loving presence of a parent is very important for a child’s recovery. Parents’ House is a power station for families whose children are hospitalized at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. Here, just a few steps away from the hospital wards, parents can find comfortable accommodation, as well as receive professional psychological and spiritual support. Parents’ House is a division of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Children’s Hospital Foundation
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Rehabilitation of abuse victims

MARTA Center is a women’s rights organization that offers help to women and children who have suffered abuse. Donations will be used to support victims of abuse.

Association “MARTA Center”
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Support for parents of children with disabilities

Support for parents of children with disabilities: improve the care by providing a babysitter or home care for these children, spend time together and time in public, ensure well organized and inspiring time together.

Association “Apeirons”

Preservation of urban meadows

The mission of the Latvian Fund for Nature is to preserve Latvia’s natural diversity. Donations will be used to support the Latvian Fund for Nature’s project for the preservation of natural meadows, which is one of the greatest and most protected values of the Latvian nature.

The Latvian Fund for Nature
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Support for oncology patients

Ziedot.lv operates in areas that lack state or local government funding, or where it is insufficient. However, it is much needed by the people around us. Cancer is a serious malignant disease that is increasingly being managed today thanks to new medical options. Unfortunately, in many situations, treatment provided by the state is not enough. Medicine is available and there is hope for treatment, but there is no money to save lives. Let’s save lives of oncology patients!

Charity organization “Ziedot.LV”

Treatment and upkeep of dogs at the service dog association “TEODORS”

The association seeks to promote the full integration of people with disabilities, including children, into society by using service dogs.

Service dog association “TEODORS”

“The objectives of our joint charity project are based on the UN recommendations for sustainable development goals, which aim to build a better, more inclusive society in the long run, as well as nature conservation. We are happy to work with our partners on this initiative, and we are confident that together we will be able to help someone in a difficult time and inspire others to do good.”

Baiba Broka-Malinovska
Marketing Manager of the shopping center “Origo” and business center “Origo One”

In cooperation with six organizations and associations – “Latvian Fund for Nature”, the “Children’s University Hospital Foundation”, center “Marta”, association “Apeirons”, the charity organization “Ziedot.lv” – officially opened their charity wall for fundraising. The joint project aims to invite the public to donate funds regularly both for human and animal causes when they need it the most, as well as strengthen to helo animals who need help the most and aid in expanding Latvia’s natural resources diversity.

UNESCO sustainable development goals

Iluta Lace, Head of the association “MARTA Center”:

“During the COVID crisis, the amount of female abuse victims seeking assistance at MARTA Center has doubled. This has resulted in a significant increase of services provided by MARTA Center both at its Riga branch, as well as in Rezekne and Liepaja.

In emergency situations we are seeing increased societal involvement, as it is becoming more important for people to invest in reducing violence in order to protect women and children from even greater risks of violence.

The average amount of services provided to one woman includes consultations by 10 specialists (social worker, lawyer, psychologist, psychotherapist), the total cost of which, including administration costs, is EUR 700.

We would like to thank every supporter. We welcome donations to provide rehabilitation services to female victims and their children so that these women can take care of their children and live lives that are free from danger.”

Ivars Balodis, Chairman of the Board of the association of persons with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”:

“There may come a time in everyone’s life when support is needed. It is extremely important to provide such support is a timely, understandable and non-degrading manner. But, it is equally important not to lose the connection with the society and develop it by participating in various events, visiting cultural and artistic spaces, creating and participating in support groups, as well as providing and receiving help when traveling on short or long excursions. Participate in life! The association “Apeirons” will use the donations to organize support that will help parents of children with disabilities to feel alive and receive assistance in extremely difficult life situations.”

Baiba Baikovska, member of the Board of the service dog association “Teodors”:

“We collect donations to keep and treat service dogs that serve people with disabilities on a daily basis, helping them to live better lives. They help people with visual impairments to navigate the surroundings, lift things, turn on the lights, get dressed, etc. I believe that, together with the visitors of the Origo shopping center, we will be able to help these animals and the people for whom the presence of a service dog is an integral part of life.”

Girts Strazdins, Director of the Latvian Fund for Nature:

“Today we live in a world where many things are taken for granted – including the diversity of nature. However, we have the opportunity to help preserve and restore it. The restoration of natural meadows is one of the ways in which anyone can contribute to the protection of natural values. We are happy to cooperate with the Origo shopping center, because we see that here, green thinking is reflected in works – the green roofs of the shopping center is a great way to increase the presence of nature in the city.”

Ruta Dimanta, Head of Ziedot.lv:

“Cancer is a serious and progressive malignant disease that is increasingly being managed today thanks to new medical options. Unfortunately, in many situations, treatment provided by the state is not enough. The patient has to face situations where the co-payment is too high for the family to afford the treatment. Medicine is available and there is hope for treatment, but there is no money to save lives. In such cases, peer support is very important. Let’s save the lives of oncology patients!”

Liene Indrane, Head of the Parents’ House:

“For more than 10 years, Parents’ House of the Children’s Hospital Foundation has been providing support and accommodation to families of the Children’s Hospital patients. Parents’ House provides accommodation to parents whose children are treated in the intensive care unit, mothers of premature babies, and families who come from all over Latvia for examination. Support can also be provided in situations when an operation is planned early in the morning, so the family can arrive conveniently the night before.

Financial support is needed for the Parents’ House to be able to operate on a daily basis. It is used to cover the cost of utilities and maintenance services, washing of bed linen, house cleaning, as well as the assistance of a clinical psychologist, day/night attendants, chaplain, Parents’ House manager, and training and supervision of volunteers.”