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Responsible management of water resources and sanitation

Responsible use of water resources

Various solutions have been implemented in ORIGO for saving water, reducing rainwater run-off, and encouraging rainwater infiltration in the courtyard terraces and green roofs. Plant species for the green roofs and flowerpots on the street have been selected to meet the Latvian climate and they need only minimal additional watering. The green roofs require no additional watering at all. The terraces and green roofs are irrigated using rainwater, which reduces run-off into municipal stormwater sewers. To reduce use of water resources, if necessary, flowerbeds are watered manually instead of using a sprinkler system.
Photo: Jānis Škapars

High-quality sanitation

The shopping centre offers the possibility to use toilet facilities with access to clean water, toilets, disinfectants, thereby improving the overall hygiene level in the vicinity. On the third floor of the new Origo building visitors with children can use the parent and baby room with access to clean water, offering the possibility to feed, change and wash babies. During the COVID-19 outbreak, disinfectants were made freely available to visitors.

“Globally, 80% of waste-water is produced as a result of economic activity, which increases pollution of rivers and other bodies of water. By reducing waste-water infiltration into groundwater we reduce pollution.”